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Friday, May 23, 2014

"Ideas are born from the mind": speculative fiction author Cherie Reich talks about her debut novel Reborn

Today's author interview is for an exciting new release from speculative fiction author Cherie Reich. Cherie is a "self-proclaimed bookworm" and library assistant based in Virginia. Her debut novel Reborn follows the story of Yssa, the Phoenix Prophetess at the Temple of Apenth. The book came out on May 9 and already has raving reviews.

Congratulations, and welcome to CHIMERAS, Cherie!

EEG: You are a writer and a librarian: is working in a library a dream come true for a writer?

CR: I can honestly say I would never have become a writer without working the job I do. I work in a small academic library, and I sometimes have a lot of free time at work. Since I needed something to do, I decided to write a novel (i.e. Reborn) that’d been in my head for years. I have never looked back.

EEG: What are your favorite choices when it comes to reading?

CR: Oh, I enjoy many types of books, from fantasy to mysteries to horror to romance. I enjoy Young Adult to Adult. I prefer fast-paced tales that keep you reading to the last page.

EEG: Tell us about your YA epic fantasy Reborn: what was the inspiration for the book and series? And what about the series, The Fate Challenges: how many books will there be?

CR: The premise of a stillborn girl reborn by a god and given the gift of prophecy came to me for a character for a Harry Potter roleplaying game. The idea of such a character clung to me, and thus, Yssa and her world were born from that premise. For The Fate Challenges, there will be four novels and two novella-length works. Reborn, Reforged, and Redestined are the main trilogy revolving around Yssa’s story. Repledged and Reigned are prequel stories set at 800 and 500 years before Reborn, respectively. Remarked is a story set between Reborn and Reforged and will be told from Liam’s point of view.

EEG: As a librarian, do you have any thoughts to share on the future of books and the publishing world?

CR: It’s an exciting yet turbulent time in the book world. Libraries are adapting, and publishers must do so to keep up. I think that’s what is so great about self-publishing. We can afford to change things up and try new things, instead of the same ol’ same ol’. I believe books are here to stay, even though they may look different than they had in the past.

EEG: Where are your stories conceived: in your head, on a blank piece of paper, on the computer ...?

CR: Ideas are born from the mind. Mine often dwell in my head for months and even years until I take them from my mind and type up an outline of what they will become on my computer.

EEG: I "brew" my characters in my head for years too. I think it's a good thing that authors spend quality time with their characters and get to know them better before they jump into the story. Thanks so much for being with us today, Cherie, and best of luck with your writing!

CR: Thanks for having me, Elena!

You can find Reborn on Amazon, Goodreads, Google Play, and Kobo. For a full list of retailers visit Cherie's website and blog.


  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog today!

    1. Thank _you_ Cherie, congratulations on the release of your book!

  2. Amazing you have the series so well thought-out. Wish I wrote like that. Congratulations on release day, Cherie!

    1. me too, Alex, Cherie is set for success! :-)

    2. Hehe! I'm just a weirdly organized person, Alex! I can't help not knowing. :)

  3. Great interview! Many of my stories dwell inside my head for years, too. (My characters tend to get pretty impatient, needless to say, haha.)

    1. hehe, that's good, Heather! :-)

    2. Hehe! My characters get impatient too, but I can only write so fast. LOL!


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