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Friday, December 12, 2014

Apocalypse Weird: Michael Bunker talks about his book, Digger

Last week I interviewed Nick Cole in a new series of interviews I'm doing to introduce the Apocalypse Weird authors. Apocalypse Weird is a one of a kind project started by a guild of independent authors who got together and decided to make their own brand world. And I'm talking bestselling indie authors: Matthew Mather of Cyberstorm and The Atopia Series, Nick Cole of The Wasteland Saga and Soda Pop Soldier, Steven Savile of the Ogmios Team novels and Battlefield Three, Weston Oches of Seal Team 666, Jennifer Ellis of A Pair of Docks, Michael Bunker, of Pennsylvania and Wick, Chris Pourteau of Shadows Burned In, and many more (including me!).

This week I have a few more updates: first off, if you are a writer and you want to be part of Apocalypse Weird, Nick has a wonderful post where he explains how to apply.

Second, author Hank Garner is also doing a series of podcasts on Apocalypse Weird: last week he interviewed Nick Cole, and this week Hank just posted a new podcast in which Michael Bunker talks about his AW book, Digger, the first in his Texocalypse world.

Michael also has a great post about Apocalypse Weird on his blog.

How can readers get involved? Start by reading the first book, The Red King, by Nick Cole, which is completely free and sets the world of Apocalypse Weird. You can also sign up for our mailing list to make sure you don't miss the big launch on february 23rd. And you can join us on Facebook, too.

Apocalypse Weird Authors:

Nick Cole
Michael Bunker
Lesley Smith
Jennifer Ellis
Chris Pourteau
Kim Wells
Forbes West
Eric Tozzi
Weston Ochse
Steven Savile
Kevin Summers
Tim Grahl
Ellen Campbell
Stefan Bolz

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