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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Milky Way Galore!

I swapped an old lens for a fish-eye (the Sigma 15mm f2.8) so I could finally get some decent Milky Way shots. I got the lens last month, actually, but first I had to wait for the moon to wane, then when the moon started rising late enough, monsoon started (which is a beautiful thing, not complaining!) and the sky was always cloudy at night. Finally, last night it cleared enough to show a glimpse of the Milky Way...

The first two were shot at f2.8, ISO 800 and 30 seconds of exposure, the last one at 25 seconds. The lights you see in the distance are from Santa Fe, and the clouds are the remnants of a spectacular thunderstorm.

Print available here.
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  1. can you please tell me exactly where this is, i would love to catch this with my own eyes. <3

    1. Hi Amanda, this is in Northern New Mexico, USA. Any place sufficiently far from cities or densely inhabited areas will give you this kind of spectacular views.

  2. Wonderful picture..
    What an amazing world we have


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