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Thursday, September 25, 2014

International Photography Awards

The Music Within © EEG

The Honorable Mentions of the 2014 IPA Annual Photo Competition have just been announced, and I was stoked to see the series I submitted, titled "Il Mal di Vivere" (the pain of living), among the awardees (edited to add: I was actually awarded third place in the self-portrait category). Il Mal di Vivere is a poem by Italian poet and Nobel Laureate Eugenio Montale, and with my series I wanted to portray the "pain of living" as a state of the mind -- a constant turmoil of the heart, the longing for change and the struggle to accept change.

The IPA competition is very prestigious, and the level of images submitted is outstanding. Check them all out here.

Two Doors © EEG

Restricted © EEG

Displacement © EEG


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