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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Author Chrys Fey talks about her new book release, 30 Seconds

Today my guest is a music lover, a blogger, and the author of Hurricane Crimes and her new book release, 30 Seconds, whose title was inspired by her favorite band, 30 Seconds to Mars. Chrys Fey wrote her first novel at the age of twelve, she started writing her first novel, which flourished into a series she later rewrote at seventeen. Chrys created her blog, Write with Fey, in 2012 to help and inspire other writers.

Welcome to CHIMERAS, Chrys !

EEG: Tell us a bit about your background.

CF: I started writing when I was twelve and the four books I wrote at that young age have greatly influenced my writing today. As you can imagine, I wrote more freely when I was twelve. My writing was full of spelling errors and head-hopping, but throughout the years I’ve mastered my style and learned how to make my writing better. I still have all the notebooks containing my childhood series, too, and it’s so much fun to see how my writing improved. I later rewrote that series and hope to publish it someday in the future. *fingers crossed.*

Last year I realized my dreams of being an author when I published my first e-book, a short story titled Hurricane Crimes with The Wild Rose Press. Now I am publishing my second e-book, a romantic-suspense novella named 30 Seconds.

EEG: Where do you find inspiration?

CF: Music is my biggest inspiration. Whenever I’m writing, I’m listening to music and have songs that help me with certain scenes. My dreams are also a huge source for inspiration. A scene in 30 Seconds actually came from one of my dreams.

EEG: If you were to find a common thread between all your stories, what would that be?

CF: Romance. No matter what kind of story I write—if it’s a supernatural-thriller or suspense—there is always a romantic storyline, so you can bet there’s romance in 30 Seconds, and some steamy love scenes, too.

EEG: Tell us about your recent release, 30 Seconds. What is it about and where did you get the idea to write it?

CF: 30 Seconds is about a woman who finds herself in the middle of a war between a police-force and a deadly Mob. Dani Hart goes from being a doctor in the ER to a victim of a Mob. As she fights to stay alive, she falls in love with Blake Herro, the officer protecting her and the man who made her the Mob’s target.

I got the idea for 30 Seconds from the dream that inspired the scene I mentioned before. In this dream, I was spinning on a swivel chair with my eyes closed when hands halted the fast rotation and lips touched mine. I opened my eyes to see a hot officer in full uniform. Before I woke up he said, “I shouldn’t have done that.” In the morning, I started to think about writing a story where a woman falls in love with a cop even though she knows she shouldn’t.

EEG: What's your next project?

CF: Right now I am working on the sequel to Hurricane Crimes, which will serve as book two in the Disaster Crime series. I also have something else planned...a surprise for anyone who enjoys 30 Seconds, but I’m going to keep that little secret for a while longer. ;)

Blurb for 30 Seconds:
When Officer Blake Herro agreed to go undercover in the Mob, he thought he understood the risks. But he's made mistakes and now an innocent woman has become their target. He's determined to protect her at all costs.

The Mob's death threat turns Dr. Dani Hart's life upside down, but there is one danger she doesn’t anticipate. As she's dodging bullets, she's falling in love with Blake. With danger all around them, will she and Blake survive and have a happy ending, or will the Mob make good on their threat?

EEG: Wow, that's intriguing. Thanks so much for being with us today Chrys!

Visit Chrys's blog for writing tips and recommendations, and connect with her on Goodreads and  Facebook. She loves to get to know her readers!


  1. Congratulations, Chrys!
    Music is a big influence of mine as well. Can't write unless I'm jamming.

  2. Thank you for having me on your blog today, EE! I enjoyed answering your questions. :D

    1. thanks so much Chrys and congratulations again! so sorry for posting your comments so late, didn't get the notifications for some reason...


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