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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gene Cards release day!

Science fiction fans: my futuristic/dystopian technothriller GENE CARDS is finally here! And here's the best news: for a limited time only (i.e. one week!) it will be at the special price of $0.99 (Kindle edition, US and UK only). Please share the news, post on Facebook, tweet, send it as a gift to the sci-fi lovers in your family and circle of friends, in other words: help me spread the word.

Read the first chapter here.

Review Highlights:

"I found Gene Cards a rewarding read, one that kept me glued to the pages throughout to see what comes next. And come they did - many suspenseful and nail biting moments." --

"Ms. Giorgi has a very unique voice, a word artist, with a vivid and descriptive vocabulary." -- Juneta Key, Amazon Review

"Packed with action from the first page to the last, the characters are engaging and flawed in a relatable way." -- C., Amazon Review

Book Blurb:
When the cure for some means death for others, how far will you go to save your own?

Yulia Szymanski is a murderer and one of the best hackers of the century. Her mission: break her brother out of a high security jail before he dies of a rare genetic condition. On her trail is Biothreat Agent Skyler Donohue, a decorated Muay Thai fighter with a strange fascination for corpses. The obstacle to overcome: an invisible, deadly disease that strikes at random and has the city of Liasis locked in a bioterrorism siege.

When the latest to fall ill is Skyler's best friend's daughter, Skyler wants to drop the Szymanski case to chase the baffling pathogen that nobody is able to isolate. What she doesn't know is that finding Yulia is the only way to stop the epidemic and save the child's life.

In a world where identities are based on gene cards, and privacy no longer exists, survival is only granted to the rich, the healthy, and those who've learned to become invisible to the system.


  1. Happy release day! Wishing you heaps of success! ~\o/~

  2. thanks so much Heather and Juneta!

  3. Letto tutto d’un fiato : un incipit magistrale ,molto avvincente, soprattutto per un lettore (italiano nel mio caso) che può ampliare –divertendosi- la conoscenza e l’uso della lingua anglo-americana .

  4. Got it. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to reading it.


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