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Friday, April 25, 2014

"Connecting people with my books": Moira Katson launches her new book Crucible

As you know, publishing my book has given me the chance to meet many successful indie authors. One of such talented authors is Moira Katson, whose latest novel, Crucible, the first in the Novum trilogy, is a quarter finalist in the Amazon Breathrough Novel. Congratulations, Moira!

The Novum trilogy is Moira's second serial work. Her first trilogy, The Light & Shadow Trilogy, a Medieval fantasy, was published last year.

EEG: Welcome to CHIMERAS, Moira! Tell us about Crucible and the Novum Trilogy: what was the "spark" that inspired you for this new series?

MK: Bizarrely, this series started out as a fantasy epic about a character that now shows up in book 2. I was attempting to explain a plot device I had used, a wasteland between two opposing armies, when one thing led to another and it suddenly became science fiction! In this case, the spark was wondering what might happen if the characters of the story had been devastated by war - but not a war they had been a part of. They were collateral damage in something much, much bigger than they were. The idea captivated me, and ... well, you'll see!

EEG: Did you writing process change between this new trilogy and your previous one, The Light and Shadow trilogy?

MK: Crucible had much, much more planning that went into it. I don't know if it was me or the story, but writing it too much more effort than Light & Shadow. Between projects, I read two books that I highly recommend: Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott, and Writing the Breakout Novel by Don Maass. Lamott's humor is just right up my alley and it made me laugh at some of the emotional weirdness in writing, and Maass's book just brings the elements of the story into focus in a good way. I was able to overhaul the plot of Crucible with these two books in mind, moving plot points around like a crazy person, and things fell into place in a good way.

EEG: What are your goals as a writer?

To do justice to the stories in my head! They're so beautiful, and my words are often so inadequate. But I keep trying! Another goal, a huge one, is to have people connect with my books. Whenever someone writes me to say something like, "I was having a hard week, and these books really helped," I feel like every moment of strife and banging my head on the keyboard was completely worth it. I know what books have meant to me in some of the darker times in my life, and it would mean the world to me if I could pay that forward to someone.

EEG: What kind of other art inspires your writing?

A lot of digital painting inspires me, fantasy art from all over. Seeing anyone who excels at their craft is inspiring! Music is huge for me, though. I listen to a lot of epic music while writing, Audiomachine and video game/movie soundtracks (Mass Effect, BSG, the Bourne Identity). I'm also really captivated by folk music, the types of music people always find a way to compose and play, no matter where they are. It shows such a beautiful cross-section of the human soul, sadness and happiness both.

EEG: So cool. Best of luck with the launch of your new trilogy, Moira! The Amazon Breakthrough Novel finalists and winner will be announced in July -- fingers super-crossed!

Crucible, the first in the Novum trilogy, comes out today on Amazon. To learn more about Moira Katson's future releases, you can follow her on Facebook and sign up for her newsletter here.

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