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Sunday, April 28, 2013

And finally... spring! (And a plea for the bees)

A few days ago I complained about spring being late this year, so I thought I'd follow up with an update. :-)

Yup. I think it's here now. :-)

Sadly, I didn't see as many bees as I'd wished I did, and I fear it may not be a coincidence. Last year, my friend and colleague Bette Korber wrote a beautiful post on her blog and how we should all do our part to preserve these precious tireless workers:
"Bees are in trouble, and wild bees are disappearing. It's possibly caused by a lethal combination of virus and fungus, thought better able to take hold when bees are stressed and weakened. And stress them we do, with our pesticides, agricultural monoculture, and habitat loss. We can help the bees in a simple joyful way by planting native wildflowers in our gardens, different kinds, in abundance. Pesticide-free bee habitat restoration, one yard at a time. Spring is coming – get busy."

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  1. BTW, Google now has a fantastic new feature that allows you to "blow up" the pictures. It doesn't work from Blogger, but if you go to the original G+ album:
    and click on the photo, you can then zoom in and enjoy all the tiny details. These creatures have fantastic eyes!


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