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Saturday, August 11, 2012


This was last Tuesday, August 7th. Presumably the largest rainbow in a while, it made it to the local paper.


  1. What Hollis said. :) I just wanted to add that you actually caught a *double* rainbow. (The second arch is visible in the top left hand corner). I love those. My most popular image to date is a double rainbow (

    Well done.

  2. thank you Hollis and John Christopher!
    John, I'd seen your double rainbow, I remember it was one of the first pictures of yours that had my jaw drop! :-)

  3. Oh yes , I remember now E.E. And really happy you caught one of your own, for, among other things... I recall when I first published that photo, nobody believed that was the real color of the clouds :) Now if anyone doubts, I can send them here for a double-check :)

  4. Nice catch! I love rainbows too

  5. Thanks Geoff, amazing rainbow, always nice to catch a perfect arch like that.


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