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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Anderson Overlook

Not much time to read papers lately, I apologize.

So I give you images instead. This is my favorite spot to shoot at sunset this time of the year. The sun hits it just at the right angle, and there's often stormy clouds sweeping through, which make the whole scene more interesting. It's called Anderson Overlook and those formations you see are part of the Bandelier National Monument.

Feel free to tell me which ones are your favorites. The local library has a call for landscape photographs of the area and I'm thinking of submitting one or two from this set.


  1. Beautiful landscapes! -- a nice break from work :) I vote for the first and third. The orange of the sun adds a lot, and there is something about the layered form of the third that I really like -- clouds, sky, mountains, sandstone ridge.

  2. thanks for your feedback, Hollis!

  3. I like number 1 and 5, very very nice! I will be curious to try merging 1 and 2 with some HDR filter.

  4. thank you 96well -- I've done some HDRs from this spot and never been happy with them... I'll keep trying.


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