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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Greeting cards and 2016 calendar

I promise, I'm not using the blog as a plug, but every year I make my own greeting cards and calendar, and, given how many people ask me, this year I decided to make them available for purchase to anyone who's interested. And I learned something new: you can customize almost anything on and make it available for purchase.

So, yes, I now have my own store.

If you head over there, you'll find my 2016 calendar, which features my best shots of the year, all taken in the beautiful American Southwest:

The actual price is $22.50 plus shipping. And you can even customize it!
Purchase here

I also have blank holiday cards available, made with my own pictures and blank inside (but you can customize them with whatever message you want). Until midnight tonight you can use the code GETYOURCARDS and save 75% off cards and 20% off everything else.

Thanks for visiting my store, enjoy! :-)

As always, high quality prints and home decor with my images are available for purchase here and here.


  1. Your pictures are so awesome. I love the candy cane tree. That is too cute.

    1. thanks Patricia, I love that description! I'll use it as a title for the cards :-)


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