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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Every Day Landscapes

I started a new project, called "Every Day Objects," in which I create landscapes from everyday objects I find in the house. Not sure it's going exactly where I want it to go, but it keeps my creative juices flowing. Here's the first two images, freshly uploaded to a new gallery on smugmug.

Walking on Moonlight by EEG
Spoonfuls of Me by EEG


  1. That single red rose brings all of "Walking on Moonlight" together beautifully. But I stand by me G+ remark that "Spoonfuls of Me" is arguably your most elegant image to date! Thanks, Elena, for sharing these!

  2. I love the malleable spoon handle on the first image. Very Daliesque if I may say so. I stand in awe of your vision of a place where the real and the imaginary meet and play in such beautiful, wondrous ways.

    1. thank you Carolyn, I'm loving the liquify filter! ;-)


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