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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Images, images, images

The show is in 4 weeks. A little less, actually.

Am I nervous?

Am I excited?

I just ordered canvas prints for the last two images and then I'm all set to go. Let me tell you a bit about both, because, as you can tell, they are very different.

Macondo Dreams by EEG
For this image I had the model first, which almost never happens. She's a beautiful young lady visiting from Italy and as soon as I met her I thought of one of my favorite painters, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Luckily, she didn't object when I asked her to pose for me. The title came after my mom, looking at this image, reminded me of my favorite book of all times: One Hundred Years of Solitude. Lots of favorites in this image. :-)

Down the Rabbit Hole by EEG
For this second image I had the idea first, which is not always a good thing as I often end up with something totally different than what I originally had in mind. I wanted to show a woman falling down the Rabbit's Hole. I wanted a very dramatic pose and a very dramatic dress. Adding drama over drama, she ended up looking dead. While by all means not the picture you'd want to hang in your living room, I think this is an attention grabber, so it'll go in the show. If nothing else, I'm hoping it'll draw some curiosity in a casual passer-by, enough to make them want to step inside the gallery. :-)


  1. these are so wonderful, and I wish I could zip down to New Mexico for the opening!! who knows, maybe I'll find a rabbit hole that leads there ;-)

  2. I sure wish you could, Hollis! some day you'll have to plan a visit and I'll take you to see all the wonderful rock formations we have out here and you can tell me all about them and their history. :-)

    thanks so much!


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