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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I love New Mexico, the landscape out here is unique: the land is red, the skies are stark blue during the day and then blush into the most vibrant palettes of orange and purple in the evening. Yet I do miss one thing: waterscapes.

Second Beach, La Push, Washington:

I processed the photos above in black and white because, while I was hoping for a fantastic sunset, turns out, this place is most of the time wrapped in fog, hence no colors whatsoever. I should've known since, incidentally, this is the place where the Twilight saga is set. 

Punch Bowl Waterfalls, Columbia Gorge, Oregon:

Panther Creek Falls, Columbia Gorge, Washington:

Multnomah Falls, Columbia Gorge, Oregon (with a little pixie dust added):

The pixie dust is actually water spray on the lens and it was totally NOT intentional. :-)

All pics are long exposures (10-30 seconds of exposure) except for the black and white pictures (forgot the darn tripod!), which is how one achieves the velvety texture in the water. The bluish hues come from lowering the blue luminosity slider in Lightroom. 

Sadly, no luck with star gazing and meteor showers. 


  1. Replies
    1. thanks, Hollis!

      hope you're all done with your paper and out and about enjoying your new camera and lens! :-) fall is at the door with all the beautiful colors...

    2. aarrggh ... I wish! :-( But a vacation with camera and lenses is not far off (early September)

    3. Hoo-yah these are fantastic Elena! Love the long exposures of the waterfalls an that green is so lush :-)

  2. Thank you Geoff, the lush green is exactly why I chose the NW this year for vacation. There's green in New Mexico, but it is seldom lush. :-)


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