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Sunday, June 10, 2012

OpenLab 2013 and Kreativ Blog Award

The Beast, the Bard, and the Bot honored me with a Kreativ Blogger Award. I confess I wasn't familiar with this award and, besides being pleasantly surprised, I was very happy to add The Beast, the Bard, and the Bot to my reading list as well as the other blogs he nominated. It's a wonderful way to get to know other blogs, because when you are nominated, you have to say seven things about yourself and nominate seven other blogs for the award.

First, my nominees (in no particular order, since they all rock):
In the company of Plants and Rocks
Interesting Things
Panda's Thumb
Lab Rat
Rule of 6ix

Before I get to the second requirement, I want to remind everyone that Open Laboratory 2013 is now accepting submissions! You can see the current submissions here and you can nominate your favorite science blog posts using this form.

So, the seven things about me/this blog:

1. I started blogging in July 2011, after much debating whether I should do it or not.

2. Total number of pageviews since July 2011: 48,140.

3. I'm not a biologist. My training is in mathematics and biostatistics. All the biology and genetics I know I've learned by doing research in computational biology since 2004 (cancer epidemiology from 2004 until 2006, and mathematical modeling and viral genetics afterwards).

4. I bought my DSLR in 2010. Writing and photography are my creative outlets.

5. Favorite music: Jazz.

6. Favorite writers: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Hermann Hesse, Raymond Chandler, Eugenio Montale.

7. Favorite artists: Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rene' Magritte.


  1. First, thanks for listing my blog, that's very kind. and for pointing out the others too! You definitely deserve the award. It's great that you put so much time and effort into discussing interesting papers and topics on a regular basis. And the photo headers are wonderful :)

    cheers, Hollis

  2. You too, Hollis!!! :-) Thank you.


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