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Monday, May 21, 2012

Did you see the eclipse last night?

I did, but I also learned that capturing an eclipse is no easy task.
These are my best shots. Notice that they look very dark because I used a shutter speed of 1/5000 and faster and I also had a polarizer filter, but at least where I was I didn't notice any waning in luminosity. Even that thin ring of sun could fully brighten the day!

And a couple post-eclipse shots :-)


  1. Superb stuff EE.

  2. They are AWESOME. Can you email me a copy for my scrapbooking?

  3. Hi Elena,

    We had fun with you guys watching the eclipse. The photos are pretty cool!


  4. Those are wonderful, I love the surrounding haloes! We were out also. My friend used two polarizing filters and fastest shutter speed. He wasn't all that happy with the situation, and the photos looked pretty dark in the camera display, I haven't seen the results yet. But it was a great evening, and amazing to watch.

  5. Thank you all, so glad you liked them!

    Hollis, were you able to see a change in the shadows? I couldn't notice a difference, but I just saw a video on you tube where the shadows cast by a large tree crown turned into a myriad of tiny crescent moons wavering on the wall of the house! wow...

  6. well ... maybe. We thought perhaps there were fainter shadows around the real shadows. I wasn't convinced but it was fun to speculate. Did you see Geotripper's post by any chance? He also caught crescents on a wall, very cool!

  7. cool! thanks so much for the link!


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