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Friday, December 23, 2011

CHIMERAS is on wallpaper!

I've been on Google+ for a couple of months, but I really got active only a couple of weeks ago. I discovered the Daily Photography Themes through a reader here and absolutely loved it. There are some truly, truly amazing photographers who share photos and tips, and in general, it's a great and very supportive community were you can't help but strive to take better pictures encouraged by the work of these superb photographers.

Well, one of those superb photographers, Jamie Furlong, organizes a weekly wallpaper contest, and I still can't believe that this week he picked my photo as the winner! You can download the image as a full resolution wallpaper (in various formats) here. All images there are fantastic, so don't leave the site without checking out Jamie's amazing portraits and street shots from India.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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